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Below find some recent SEI Club testimonials / SEI CLUB reviews from past and current women members. It is our privilege to bring satisfaction to SEI Club members when dating through SEI Club.

Thanks for introducing me to Jake. He was well-dressed, had a great smile, we knew some of the same people…we’re going out for dinner again this Wednesday. Can’t wait.

— Jessica

I have to admit, I was VERY impatient. By the time I came to you guys I wanted you to wave a magic wand and just introduce me to someone I LIKED immediately. I should have trusted you a little more…ultimately you delivered  Thanks for understanding me before I understood myself. That’s what friends are for…and I definitely consider you friends. You are all invited to my France event.

— Annabelle

You are truly amazing at what you do. You’re great at your job and you have some great guys. This is by far the best dating experience I’ve had.

— Patricia

What a pleasant night we had. He was everything you said…I love how you described him…you were completely accurate. We will meet again for sure. Thank you!

— Lisa

The SEI Club team is extremely professional and the total matchmaking process is effective and streamlined to deliver the best results. They have highly screened members, so I would suggest approaching them.

— Felicity
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